Not giving up 

Long time no see. I know it’s been a while by there were some things I needed to figure out by myself. Ever since I came home I’ve hated school, and I still do. However I released that I can’t fight it anymore. Not only is it not helping my grades but it’s hurting me. I stayed up all night trying to work on two assignments at once. I’m absolutely trashed. On top of that I got a bad grade on my presentation. Not really bad but not up to my expectations either. But something happened when the teacher gave me the bad grade. Something that hasn’t happened in a long while. I wanted to work. I wanted to prove I could do it. I can get a good grad in History. I didn’t give up. So that’s wat I’m going to do now. Not give up. I believe it’s better to know you did your best. Trust me I know, because I constantly have to live with all the things I know I could have done better at. 

– Roni 



I took the liberty to check out some of the top blogs. Really? Is that what people want to read?

I can see why. The people featured in these blogs are perfect. They have their life all figured out, and they look amazing. Because who doesn’t want to read about faction that you don’t even really want to wear. They wear beautifully ugly pants, jackets and I honestly I do not know what it`s called. Their life is perfect. I have no interest in reading stuff like that. Also all the other people who wright about exercise and healthy eating. Well I have tried both of those things, and lets face it, it`s not as amazing as you make it out to be. I`m not saying people don’t enjoy it, I’m just sick of trying to make everything sound fantastic. Now, to all the travel blogs out there, travel is exiting, enriching and just about the coolest thing I know how to do, but it`s not all rose pedals. It has ups and downs, times when you can’t stop smiling and times when you feel like it just wasn’t worth it. The best part of travel is how alive you can feel, because you`re experiencing everything about it. It might help you on your way to finding yourself or just give you an amazing experience, or it might completely suck.

We humans have this thing about focusing on the bad things in the moment, but then afterwards blocking out the bad parts. I want the good and the bad. I want life.

Stop being fake, and stop believing people who only tell you positive things. They are not real. I`m not going to lie. I`m not going to talk about the good stuff and hide the bad away. If that doesn`t get me on the top list. So what. I`m unpopular.

Yeah, what am I doing?

Now excuse my bad blogging, because this is some tricky shit. I mean sooo many buttons to press, how do you people do this?
Oh, and also english is not my first language so my spelling isn’t going to be the best, if you`re the type of person who gets annoyed at stuff like this, feel free to send me an e-mail, or comment, or whatever on my blog (don’t know how that works, yet), but I’m always up for improving my, everything.

This is the part where I talk about what this blog is about, and why I`m writhing this. Here it comes,

This blog is going to be the place I go to get some perspective. It`s where I’m going to tell everyone (altho I don’t think anyone actually is going to read this) what I think. Here I’m allowed to be honest. What I love, what I hate, what I care about and how my life is treating me at a particular moment in time. That`s what this blog is about.

Give it time, I’m going to get better at this