No Netflix

I`m making it official.

I will not watch Netflix or Youtube for 3 weeks.

Starting the 23. October to the 12. November, or longer if I can make it.

I realised I spend so much time on these things. Yeah, I kinda knew all the time, but I feel that if they weren’t a part of my life anymore I would get way more done. I also believe I’m using Netflix and the internet in general to hide from my life. This is my way of trying to deal with my emotions and relationships. Anyways the rules of this is NO Netflix at all, and no youtube unless it`s school related. Now this is going to be hard for me so I’m giving myself a little treat. I`m still allowed to watch the new Gray`s anatomy episodes that come out, and I get to watch the rest of The bachelorette Australia season. I also want to keep the TV watching to a minimum. Netflix and Youtube is such a big part of my life so how I´ll deal without them, I don`t know. Well if you think I’m being crazy or that I’m never going to do this please like this or leave a comment telling me what you mean.

Love V


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