Take back

I`m sitting here trying to factorise third-degree polynomials, and all I can focus on, is this all so clear memory. That takes me to a place so in the past I’m afraid I`ll never see it again. I might never feel the sand beneath my feet. Parting ways when my foot lands on it, so that I sink an inch or two. Never hear the waves building strength from the horizon, for so to rise up, just a few meters away form me. Slowly at first, and quiet, but then reaching its peak. The wave stops, just for a second, rising above, before starting it`s massive roar towards the beach. Towards me. Then finally reaching me, with it`s  rush of white foam flowing over my feet. I might never be at this place again, nevertheless I will forever remember how it felt. That day, that time, I was completely and utterly happy. It might only have been for a moment, but every instant, every struggle leading up to that moment was worth it. Because happiness is that strong.

Love V


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